Oct 16

Atxaga Chair Lecture: “Becoming an Active Speaker”

The PhD Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages

invites you to attend

“Becoming an Active Speaker: The Case of Young New Speakers of Basque”

Professor Estíbaliz Amorrortu, Universidad de Deusto
Bernardo Atxaga Chair in Basque Literature and Linguistics

About the talk: The numbers of new speakers (NS) of Basque has increased considerably due in part to the introduction of this language in the educational system. In this talk we examine the factors that play a role in the process of becoming, or not, an active speaker and the relationship between this process and the linguistic identity adopted by different types of speakers. We focus on youngsters who learnt Basque in school in immersion models.

About Professor Amorrortu: Professor Amorrortu works in the field of Basque sociolinguistics. She obtained her PhD from the University of Southern California with a dissertation on attitudes towards different varieties of Basque. She is co-author of the following books: Actitudes y prejuicios de los castellanohablantes hacia el euskera (2009) y Nuevos hablantes de euskera: experiencias, actitudes e identidades (in press).

Nov 15

HLBLL: “Automirada / Self-View”

“Automirada / Self-View: Point of Arrival, Point of Departure in Artistic Creation”

Basque author Miren Agur Meabe and literary translator Amaia Gabantxo will talk about writing and translating Meabe’s latest work, Kristalezko Begi Bat / A Glass Eye, and discuss the issues surrounding the smaller literatures, the idea of the literary self-portrait and the place of music in language.

Miren Agur Meabe received the Critics’ Award in 2001 and 2011 for her poem collections Azalaren kodea (The Code of the Skin) and Bitsa eskuetan (Spume), and the Euskadi Award on three occasions for three of her books for young adults. Mila magnolia-lore, one of her books for children, was included in the IBBY Honours List 2012. She has performed and lectured in universities in Europe and the US, and participated in literary festivals all over the world – such as Dublin, Vjlenca, Edinburgh, Vienna, Frankfurt, Pau, Verines and Cordoba.

automirada 1

Amaia Gabantxo is a writer, a flamenco singer and literary translator specialized in Basque literature. She has translated works by every canonical Basque author, and published and performed on both sides of the Atlantic. At present, she is developing two hybrid literary/musical/performance art projects in Chicago. Palo a Palo, which combines flamenco and Butoh and Soniché, which fuses flamenco with classical music.

automirada 2

Oct 14

HLBLL: Concert by Josu Okiñena (Piano)

The Bernardo Atxaga Chair organized by the Etxepare Basque Institute presents a concert by Josu Okiñena (piano)

Aita Donostia (1886-1956) – “A delicious approach to the work of the renowned Basque composer, folklorist, and researcher”



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