Feb 16

Nan Zheng Publishes in Chinese Journal 书城 (Book Town)

In the PhD Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages at the Graduate Center, CUNY, we are officially tri-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, English). But with students and faculty from many different countries ranging over four continents, the first languages spoken by members of our intellectual community number much greater than those three.

Nan Book Town Article

Earlier this year, PhD candidate Nan Zheng published “Because of his stories, the past has never passed: Review of Mis documentos by Alejandro Zambra” in 书城 (Book Town). Nan’s article is a review of Zambra’s collection of short stories, Mis documentos, which will be translated into Chinese this year. Nan also analyzes the key themes and symbols that reoccur in Zambra’s works and are pertinent to his life–memory, creation, reading, writing machine, among others—in order to further present a general introduction to the so-called Generación de los hijos and their oeuvre.

Full bibliographic information: Zheng, Nan. “Because of his stories, the past has never passed: Review of Mis documentos by Alejandro Zambra.” Book Town Jan. 2016: 117-22.


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