CFP: Romance Studies at Boston University Graduate Student Conference


Boston University Romance Studies Graduate Student Conference

Dates: April 22-23, 2016
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Mahoney, Stonehill College
Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 2016

“To interrogate a tradition, venerable though it may be, is no longer to pass it on intact.” — Pierre Nora

The following information about the first annual Boston University Romance Studies Graduate Student Conference has been provided by the conference organizing committee:

Pierre Nora, in his essay, “Les lieux de mémoire,” suggests that intellectual inquiry results in the dismemberment of its subject. The self-imposed mission of not just the historian, but of modern society at large, thus becomes to transform this subject back into a coherent whole, to re-member it.

How can a physical, textual, or theoretical body be dismantled and put back together? What reconfigurations are possible? War, memory, renovation, and revolution all create something new from the fragments of a previous order. This conference will seek to examine the process of re-membering through a multidisciplinary lens. Topics may include:

  • Issues of political revolution
  • Re/claiming space within society
  • Lacan and the body
  • Memories of violence or trauma
  • Non-linear storytelling
  • Translations in language or artistic medium
  • Synecdoche and other symbolic constructions
  • Appropriation of the Other
  • Hybridization
  • The Grotesque

The committee welcomes alternative interpretations of the theme.

Please submit abstracts (250 words) to rsgsabu [at] gmail [dot] com. Papers may be submitted in English, French, or Spanish. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2016. Submission decisions will be sent out by March 15.


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