Funding: Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellowship

Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellowship

The Macaulay Honors College is accepting applications for next year’s Instructional Technology Fellows program.

Deadline for applications: March 29th, 2016, by 10pm.

Applications must be completed on the Macaulay website.

More information about the ITF program can be found here.

The information below has been provided by Macaulay’s Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Technology, Dr. Joseph Ugoretz.
Now in its 15th year, the ITF program has been extremely successful, its success matching that of Macaulay Honors College itself. 

All CUNY doctoral students accepted for this outstanding opportunity will: 

• receive a Grad A fellowship 
• participate in a prestigious and innovative program that includes a technology-across-the-curriculum initiative 
• get extensive technological training in a highly marketable skill set 
• participate in interdisciplinary teaching and learning groups 
• work closely with some of CUNY’s best faculty and brightest undergraduates 

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